Committee Members

Lisa Keith

Lisa has lived in Woodside since 2002, and previously in Lindenwood, Menlo Park and Originally San Francisco.  She has been on the Arts & Culture committee since 2015 and has primarily been responsible for the PR/Marketing of the First Friday events.  Along with her career in residential real estate, Lisa is passionately involved with the San Francisco Ballet and other local art institutions.

Lisa has three adult children – Meaghan, Maddy and Mark Gerhart –  and a dog named Luna!

Melanie Goldberg

Melanie was born and raised in Canada, arrived in the SF Bay Area in 2001, and became a resident of the beautiful town of Woodside in 2019.  Melanie’s profession is in the tech industry producing and developing apps and digital content for kids. She is also a kundalini yoga teacher, and has enjoyed participating in producing small and large scale music, art and holistic events for the past 20 years. 

Vicki Coe Mitchell

Vicki Coe Mitchell has lived in Woodside since 1985. She is a practicing physician and artist. Currently she serves on the following committees: Emergency Preparedness, Woodside Art and Culture, CERPP Logistics and CERPP Ops , The Village Hub Launch Team, and is co division leader for CERPP Division 21. She organized the Woodside Plein Air Painters and paints with them as well as the Half Moon Bay group. To her the arts are the cornerstone of civilization and humanity, and making them a vibrant part of our community is her goal.

Robert Hooper

Robert Hooper has been a member of the committee since 2013. He has had an interest in arts & culture all his life enjoying travel, museums and galleries, film, and music. He came to Woodside in 2010 with his wife and two children who both attended Woodside Elementary and where he chaired its Citizens Bond Oversight Committee for 3 years. He is a retired teacher and former president and CEO of a community health care agency.  Robert loves how the A&C committee members from diverse backgrounds work together to promote opportunities to experience local arts and culture.

Elizabeth Fergason

Elizabeth has enjoyed working on the committee since its inception and looks forward to continuing to be a part of this very worthy endeavor.
Her favorite task is locating and booking a wide variety of presenters, from artists to writers to musicians.

Terri Molakides

Terri Molakides is a long time resident of Woodside.  She is an active member of the Community; sitting on both the the Arts and Culture Committee and the Recreation Committee.  Terri is also the Executive Director of the Menlo Park Police Foundation.

Bev Iverson

Ms Iverson grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma in a family who appreciated the Arts. Ms Iverson went on to study art in college receiving her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and then finishing with her MFA from California College of the Arts, both degrees in painting. After finishing her Masters Degree she traveled to the peninsula to take a job teaching Visual Arts to Woodside School’s TK-8th grade students. On the weekends and in the summer Ms Iverson enjoys painting with a local group of plein air painters who travel around our area and paint the landscape. Ms Iverson’s devotion to promoting the arts is one of her life’s passions.

Corinne Ruokangas

After working in science and engineering for 30 years, Corinne is enjoying expanding her horizons into art and culture. Woodside’s history and artists are absolutely amazing!

Suzie Larwood

Suzie Larwood and her husband Dave moved to Woodside 23 years ago. She has been an active volunteer in the Woodside Community since then. When the Arts & Culture Committee was organized in 2012 she felt it would be a good fit with her background and degrees in music, teaching, performing and organizing musical events. Suzie is quoted as saying “This committee is the best! Everyone participates fully. At every First Friday event I meet new delightful community members I might never have encountered but for our entertaining evenings”.

Tom Johnson (Co-Chair and Founder)

Thomas Johnson is a biologist and professional photographer. He has worked and studied all over the world and has extensive knowledge of whales and other marine mammals. Mr. Johnson currently works for Apple Inc.

Prior to being officially adopted by the Town, Mr. Johnson with fellow Woodside residents Virginia Dare and Kit Colman founded the Woodside Arts and Culture Committee.

Susan Lang

Susan Lang has lived in Woodside since 1990 and was on the Open Space Committee for 5 years. As a volunteer, she has been active in many local non-profit efforts including the restoration of the Folger Stable in Wunderlich Park. She was attracted to the Arts and Culture Committee because it celebrates our local talent and diverse experience. Susan, a retired occupational therapist, supports environmental projects, art, education, conservation and many animal related efforts.

Kit Colman (Co-Chair)

Kit Colman grew up in Woodside. She received her BFA at CCA in Oakland while working as a graphic Designer. After raising a family and working on her Masters for painting and sculpture in Ft Worth TX, she returned to Woodside in 2008, where she continued her oil painting, inspired by the surrounding landscapes. Colman was very enthused to be invited on to the Arts and Culture Committee sharing their mission to bring local talent and cultural events to the community. Colman is the co-chair of the committee and a member of the Woodside Plein Air painters.